Stefanini: Bringing IT into the Future

Stefanini is a global IT solutions company based in Southfield, MI. Stefanini delivers informational technology support services all over the world, to a variety of markets including automotive, hospitality and pharmaceutical eClinical research.

Globally recognized as a strategic partner, Stefanini’s experienced global IT professionals team up with internal IT departments to help organizations deliver greater business value. Stefanini’s IT outsourcing services and resources are backed by 30 years of staffing expertise, and work to handle the responsibility of finding, recruiting, training and retaining high-quality IT professionals—allowing companies to focus less on tactical day-today IT work and more on business growth.

Introducing Innovations in Digital Transformation

Stefanini has recently been evolving their offering and introducing innovations that will shape the future of IT.

In order to revolutionize productivity across organizations, digital transformation has been fueling profound changes in business models and process architectures. Digital transformation is the practice of using digital technology to transform business activities, processes and competencies. Stefanini is accelerating the digital transformation of businesses through an integrated offering consisting of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

RPA can include robotization, analytics and artificial intelligence. RPA usually comes in the form of software that connects with a machine to perform tasks automatically and adapt to new needs and situations.

This new technology offering can help Stefanini customers transform their businesses quickly and efficiently, while experiencing significant cost savings. Basically, this “robot” works with existing IT infrastructure to eliminate repetitive tasks through automated interactions across multiple systems. This highly scalable solution allows for rapid development and deployment, while eliminating human error. These “robots” can even run completely uninterrupted for 24-hours, 7-days-a-week.

Stefanini’s latest investment in robotization is their virtual assistant, Sophie. Sophie is a set of software, systems and processes that accelerates and improves the performance of systems that interact with consumers through voice or text communications. Sophie is an innovation that introduces robotization of simple tasks in order to enhance productive and efficiency in any organization.

Work for Stefanini

Stefanini offers team-oriented workplace and a wide range of IT career opportunities and positions—from administration, to analytics, to technical support. Stefanini also provides all its employees with extensive career support and training programs that promote their people to more challenging and enriching jobs.

If you’re interested in working for Stefanini and becoming a part of a global organization that is bringing IT into the future, check out their job opportunities in Southfield.

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  1. I’m are excited to see how AI makes the lives of consumers and businesses easier! Also, we are having a ribbon cutting ceremony soon to celebrate our new office. Great things are ahead.

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