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We inspire business growth.

The Southfield SmartZone is a place where designers, manufacturers, engineers and tech experts can grow their business ideas and learn how to take them to market. We are driven with a mission to bring together universities, industries, research organizations, businesses, government organizations and community institutions to stimulate the growth of technology-based businesses and jobs.


We empower business success.

Calling all tinkerers, metal bangers and rebels looking to take their business ideas to the next level! Southfield Centrepolis is a center of innovation, where brilliant minds and bold ideas are brought together to inspire greater business success.


We are driven by trusted leaders.

The Southfield SmartZone is led and powered by the City of Southfield's governing officials.

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Explore the Southfield Centrepolis campus.

Explore the Southfield Centrepolis campus.

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We are supported by dedicated organizations.

The Southfield Business Development Team, Southfield Building Department and Southfield SmartZone Advancement Committee consist of city and county officials, private business representatives, institutional representatives, community partners and real estate forum participants. Together, these committees support our mission to help Southfield Centrepolis and its participants thrive.

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We are backed by established business partners.

The Southfield SmartZone receives funding and support from the State of Michigan, Oakland County, Lawrence Technological University, Automation Alley and the City of Southfield.